Welcome to Savoy Palmz Hotel
Contemporary lifestyle hotel in the heart of Limbe

The Savoy Palmz Hotel is a place of elegant serenity, unparalleled personal service and a wide selection of highly rated restaurants and bars. Our hotel offers some of the largest guest rooms in the region. 

The hotel's setting is truly secluded, yet the bustling town of Limbe is just minutes away by taxi. It is situated close to the heart of the city center, within distance of the Government ministries and commercial center. The Savoy Palmz Hotel is an international hotel in Limbe, Cameroon. It is well known for its high level of security, personal service, and excellent cuisine produced under the highest standards of hygiene and food quality, The Savoy Palmz Hotel has become one of the jewels of the South West Province, a meeting place for artists, business professionals, government officials, international organization staffers, and many VIP personalities who meets for tea or cocktail receptions. The minimum capacity 150 guests.

Boasting an average year-round temperature of 75 to 85 degrees, this lush hideaway is the ideal destination in the west coast of Africa, nestled on the slopes of the Cameroon Mountain (the highest peak in West Africa) and minutes from Diboutcha, the city with the highest rainfall in West Africa. The hotel's assets include the convenient down town location, a covered car park with 100 places, free airport shuttle bus service, a unique restaurant concept with "Paradise Flavor", the Stella-Maris Steak 

House overlooking the ocean and the city, a well equipped health and sports center, a business center, and Meeting 2021 facilities. The various meeting rooms, varying in capacity up to a maximum of 700, are equipped with simultaneous translation facilities. There is also a dedicated conference floor, representing another unique feature for Cameroon's hotels.


With its height ceiling, traditional stone and brick display, painting and antic selection of furniture, the large reception has been meticulously designed to meet the first-class comfort of the distinguished guests.


The ultimate attention to detail. It is simply a quiet place to contemplate while admiring the surrounding architecture. Mostly used by millennials as their designated suite when visiting for a wedding, bachelor’s eve party, cocktail nights and premières.


On top of the hotel, offering panoramic views.  The Rooftop is a haven of piece, the perfect place to take a break from the hustle and bustle from the city. There is nothing more than sipping cocktails or having diner and admiring the city including the twinkling of lights as the sun set over the surroundings rooftop.


The vast, sandy beaches, good for sea-side tourism, the roasted fresh fish, and the majesty of the Cameroon Mountain close to Savoy Palmz Hotel perfectly capture the essence of Cameroon with soothing signature treatments drawn from the bounty of the Country's rain forests and the Atlantic Ocean.


The challenging eighteen holes golf course in Tiko, which is 15-20 minutes from Savoy Palmz Hotel, is one of the Country's most spectacular golfing experiences, with verdant fairways and greens overlooking the horizon.


Many Zoos in Africa are depressing, but the Limbe Wildlife Center is a shining exception. It houses rescued Chimpanzees, Gorillas, Drills and other primates in large enclosure. With lots of interesting information about local conservation issues, The staffs are well informed.